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Top PR Agencies You Should Absolutely Check Out in 2024


Influencer Marketing Hub sets itself apart from conventional review platforms through the involvement of Digital Marketing experts such as Werner Geyser, Djanan Kasumovic, Camille Kennedy, Dave Eagle, and other notable industry figures. This expert team brings a profound understanding of the Digital Marketing landscape, assessing tools and platforms with an insider’s perspective on capabilities, experience, and industry acumen. Unlike user-generated review platforms, Influencer Marketing Hub’s evaluations are rooted in extensive firsthand experience and direct interactions with the tools and platforms in question. This ensures that the reviews are not only trustworthy but also deeply informed. High-caliber brands like Cloutboost, NinjaPromo, and Channel V Media undergo rigorous monthly evaluations, highlighting the platform’s commitment to identifying and showcasing top-tier solutions in Digital Marketing and beyond.

Influencer Marketing Hub employs an expert-driven methodology to evaluate Digital Marketing agencies, ensuring that our recommendations are both reliable and comprehensive. This approach is designed to help businesses and individuals find the best agencies to meet their specific Digital Marketing needs. Here’s how we assess the various agencies like Cloutboost, NinjaPromo, and Channel V Media:

Strategic Analysis of Agency Capabilities: We start by examining each Digital Marketing agency’s core competencies, such as SEO, PPC, content marketing, and social media strategy. Our focus is on identifying Digital Marketing that not only offer a wide range of services but also demonstrate exceptional skill in executing high-impact Digital Marketing campaigns.

PR agencies promote companies or people via editorial coverage.  This is “earned” or “free” media, unlike paid advertisements. PR agencies push for their clients to feature in newspapers, magazines TV programs, and websites.

The work of PR agencies often includes writing and distributing press releases, writing speeches, writing pitches, creating special events, conducting market research, networking, copywriting, blogging, social media promotions, and crisis management. PR agencies help build their clients’ reputations through the media. They can analyze the organizations and find positive messages, and translate these to be of worth to the media. Similarly, they can take bad news and determine the best response to minimize the harm.

Top PR Agencies to Hire:


Location(s): Cloutboost is headquartered in Dallas, Texas, with a team working from all over the globe. 

Number of Employees: 10 – 50

Year Founded: 2017

Cloutboost is a specialized PR agency with a sharp focus on the gaming sector, standing out for its tailored public relations strategies that make games shine in a crowded marketplace. Catering to a broad spectrum of clients, from indie start-ups to global gaming publishers, Cloutboost brings games to life from pre-production buzz to post-launch celebration across all gaming platforms, including PC, VR, and mobile.

With an extensive suite of PR services designed specifically for the gaming industry, Cloutboost has established a solid reputation for elevating game visibility and fostering meaningful conversations around brands. Their approach encompasses crafting compelling game messaging, conducting thorough market analysis, distributing press releases and press kits, and providing meticulous copywriting, editing, and data-focused reporting.

What makes Cloutboost distinctive in the PR domain is their strategic focus on generating buzz and building brand evangelists through targeted media outreach. They excel in identifying the most effective forms of media communication, whether through press releases, feature coverage, or other formats, to ensure that the gaming brands they represent capture the attention of both media and gamers alike.

Notable Clients: Rovio, Samsung, Sony, Lilith Games, Wargames


Location(s): NinjaPromo has several offices in leading cities around the world including London, New York, Hong Kong, Singapore, Dubai, and Vilnius.

Number of Employees: 50+

Year Founded: 2017

NinjaPromo is a full-service digital marketing agency that also includes PR and outreach in their list of services. Their PR services are catered to the fintech, B2B, and crypto industries. As they have offices in multiple regions across the world, they’re a great agency to partner with to help with international PR.

Clients have praised them for keeping processes simple. For example, when they worked with BriteBirch Collective, a global integrated marketing and business consultancy, they helped them to establish their growth in the Web3 space with PR assets. What stood out about their services was their leadership skills and attentiveness.

Not only do they have an extensive media connections network, but they also bring loads of experience to the table. Most of their PR team first worked in the media industry, making them a great choice if you want to generate media exposure. Considering that credibility is key if you operate in crypto, fintech, or B2B, you’ll want to entrust your public image to an agency like NinjaPromo that actually knows the market.

Notable Clients: NinjaPromo’s client roster includes big names in fintech, software, and crypto such as, Dash, BitForex, BankSocial, IronFX, and Fantom.

Channel V Media

Location(s): Channel V Media is a PR agency based in New York City.

Number of Employees: 1 – 10

Year Founded: 2008

Channel V Media (CVM) is an award-winning PR agency catering to Fortune 500 companies and venture-backed tech companies. 

The agency has partners in 41 markets around the world—From North America and South America to Europe, Africa, and Asia—making them an ideal firm for assisting with international PR. In addition, they’re able to service any global company with full knowledge of their target market.

Scrolling through Channel V Media’s website, we can see instance after instance of their success through their featured case studies. For example, they were able to take UK-brand Meatless Farms, secure them over 135 press features across top-tier publications, and make them a household name across the United States.

They offer services like PR help, strategic planning, digital marketing, and content marketing, making them one of the best digital PR agencies in the market. They also incorporate AI into their services to ensure they’re providing the best possible results for their clients. Channel V is also considered a top Tech PR Agency.

Notable Clients: CVM has worked with clients like IBM, Marriott Hotels, Gotham Greens, SeaWolf, Bitrise, and Bluecore among many others.


Location(s): BPM-PR is headquartered in New York City and has additional offices in Washington and Los Angeles.

Number of Employees: 1 – 10

Year Founded: 2005

BPM-PR (short for Beautiful Planning Marketing & PR) is an international, full-service PR firm. In 2021, they were identified by Forbes as one of the best public relations agencies in America. While they’re headquartered in New York City, their clients come from all over the globe. Not only do they work with both domestic as well as international businesses, but they also work with clients across all industries.

They describe themselves as a results-driven team that works to get their clients media placements within print magazines and online news resources. Thanks to their strong media connections, this top PR agency has helped their clients to create significant media buzz around their brand, offering and events, both locally as well as globally. The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, and Entrepreneur are just a few examples of the leading publications where their clients get featured on a regular basis.

If media buzz is not what you’re after but rather need to manage your reputation in light of a crisis, they also offer crisis PR services. Their team can quickly put together and implement a crisis PR management plan to deal with negative publicity.

Notable Clients: BPM-PR has worked with clients across a variety of verticals boasting names such as The Moulin Rouge, Summer Jam, SimpleDeal, SABON, The Mane Choice, and Bellabeat.


Location(s): Golin is a global firm with a headquarter in Chicago and additional offices in Atlanta, Dallas, Los Angeles, Miami, New York City, San Francisco, Washington, Mexico City, Botafogo, Brooklin Novo, Toronto, Belgrade, Brussels, Bucharest, Hamburg, Istanbul, Al Jiza, London, Madrid, Milan, Moscow, Stockholm, Bangalore, Beijing, Gurgaon, Guangzhou, Hong Kong, Jakarta, Karachi, Kolkata, Kuala Lumpur, Mumbai, Seoul, Shanghai, Singapore, Sydney, Taipei, and Tokyo. 

Number of Employees: 1,700

Year Founded: 1956

Golin has been around for more than six decades. They see themselves as a progressive public relations agency making a difference in a time where attention is hardest to attract and hold. Their progressive nature is driven by data that influences the customer journey, a critical component in today’s evolving marketing world.

Their services include content creation & production, content discovery & amplification, crisis management, data & analytics, employee engagement, inclusion & lgbtq+ strategy, influencer marketing, media relations & training, public affairs, social media, social purpose, and UX/UI design.

Notable Clients: Golin’s clients include names such as Asics, Crayola, Mattel, Lexus, McDonald’s, Siemens, Cadbury, Estee Lauder, Prosche, Roche, and more.

Communications Strategy Group (CSG)

Location(s): Communications Strategy Group is based in Denver.

Number of Employees: 10 – 50

Year Founded: 2004

Communications Strategy Group (CSG) is a strategic communications and marketing agency that provides public relations, content marketing, brand communications, corporate communications, social media, and design services. Their main clients are Fortune 500 companies and challenger brands across financial and professional services, health and wellness, education, technology, and consumer industries.

As one of the top public relations agencies, they emphasize that they are more than a content marketing and public relations agency. They help organizations leverage high impact strategic communications and marketing techniques to solve their most difficult challenges and activate growth opportunities.

CSG strategists combine deep industry expertise, influencer relationships, data-driven insights, and access to a team of digital specialists and a full-service creative team to deliver communications and marketing strategies that are unique to each of their client’s brand attributes and opportunities.

From content marketing and public relations strategy to brand articulation, crisis communications, and social media, CSG tells authentic stories that find audiences where they are and transform them into customers and brand champions.

Notable Clients: Some of CSG’s best-known clients include NASA, Thomas and Friends, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Logitech, Cochlear, and MGMA.


Location(s): BCW is a global PR firm with offices in San Francisco, California, Washington, Miami, Atlanta, Chicago, New York City, Pittsburgh, Austin, Dallas, Toronto, London, Puerto Rico, Bahrain, Jordan, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, Peru, Uruguay, Belgium, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Norway, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Netherlands, Turkey, Australia, China, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, and South Africa.

Number of Employees: 1,000 – 5,000

Year Founded: 1953 (merged in 2018)

BCW is a giant global full-service communications agency. This leading international public relations agency was formed from the merger of Burson-Marsteller and Cohn & Wolfe. It is part of WPP, a British multinational advertising, and public relations company, and the world’s largest advertising company. The merger brought together the corporate and public affairs, crisis and issues management expertise of Burson-Marsteller, and the digital and creative, consumer, and healthcare strengths of Cohn & Wolfe.

BCW is truly global with offices across North America, Latin America, Europe, Middle East, Africa, and the Asia-Pacific. Its stated areas of expertise are also colossal, covering nearly every sector imaginable.

BCW aims to build big, insight-driven ideas that inspire action and connection across the globe. They help their clients move, inspire, engage, and lead people in a favorable direction, across all sectors on a global scale. They are a channel-agnostic approach, with valuable earned media at the core.

BCW is a finalist in the 2019 Global PR Agencies of the Year awards. Cohn & Wolfe won the North American Agency of the Year at the 2018 Global SABRE Awards.

Notable Clients: As you would expect, BCW lists many large corporations as its clients, including Nokia, Maserati, 21st Century Fox, Bayer, Coca-Cola, Colgate-Palmolive, Dow Chemicals, ExxonMobil, FedEx, and many more.


Location(s): Edelman has several offices across the globe including San Francisco, Portland, Chicago, Washington, Atlanta, New York City, Seattle, Montreal, Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary, London, UAE, Singapore, and Sydney. 

Number of Employees: 6,000

Year Founded: 1952

Edelman is the world’s largest PR agency. 2018 was not a particularly good year for Edelman – they saw a 1% decline in global revenues. However, they are still a significant force in PR and communications. Their fee income in 2018 was still reported to be $888.4M.

They have continued to add hundreds of creatives and planners to their team over the last few years. According to the founder, Richard Edelman, they remain undaunted by the challenge of reinventing the firm into a truly integrated marketing services player.

The digital practice now accounts for more than 20% of the firm’s global revenues, making them one of the best digital PR agencies.

The firm continues to produce high-quality work. It is a finalist for the 2019 Global PR Agency of the Year. It won the award for Digital PR Consultancy of the Year in the Asia-Pacific region.

One of their most successful recent campaigns was for KFC in Australia. The client tasked Edelman with showing the public how  KFC cares about young Aussies. Edelman leveraged the launch of KFC’s Youth Foundation to get the word out about the company’s charity efforts, but without the stuffy corporate feel. With the founding of the new youth organization, they launched new limited-edition KFC merchandise ranging from enamel pins to chicken-scented surf wax. Every purchase resulted in a donation to the foundation.

Notable Clients: Edelman boasts an impressive clientele including big names such as Dove, eBay, HP,  Heineken, Taco Bell, Xbox, Vaseline, Hellman’s, Unilever, Ikea, and Samsung.

5W Public Relations

Location(s): 5W PR has offices in New York City and Miami.

Number of Employees: 1 – 10

Year Founded: 2003

5W Public Relations is a full-service PR Agency made up of passionate and creative experts. They partner with brands, both established and emerging, corporations, global interests, national corporations and consumer companies, start-up technology companies, high-profile individuals, regional businesses, and others to help them define and achieve their strategic PR goals.

The agency works in various practice areas across B2C and B2B categories, designed to raise their clients’ brand, sales, and bottom-line results. They implement powerful, proactive, and passionate media relations efforts and offer a comprehensive range of integrated marketing services to meet every client’s unique needs.

5W Public Relations’ services include integrated marketing, public relations, strategic planning, event management, reputation management, influencer & celebrity marketing, product integration, and social media & digital marketing.

Notable Clients: 5W PR’s clients include Sparkling Ice, Triller, Topps, L’Oréal, The Trade Desk, Epicor, LifeStyles, Payless, SodaStream, and Vizio.


Location(s): FleishmanHillard is headquartered in St. Louis with additional offices in San Francisco, Washington, New York, Dublin, London, and 70+ others across 30+ countries.

Number of Employees: 1,000 – 5,000

Year Founded: 1946

FleishmanHillard is a part of the Omnicom Group, an American global media, marketing, and corporate communications holding company. Omnicom is composed of five major agency networks that oversee 1500+ agencies as parent companies. FleishmanHillard is part of its Diversified Agency Services (DAS) division.

They are currently the fourth largest agency in the world, with an estimated fee income of $615M in 2020. This showed a 6.1% growth compared to the previous year. The agency added 26 clients worth more than $1M in 2018, with big names such as BNY Mellon, Elanco, GM, GoPro, Hanes, Johnson & Johnson, Philips, Roche, and the US Army.

They were a finalist in the 2019 Global PR Agencies of the Year awards.

FleishmanHillard regularly takes advantage of its Omnicom connection, and partners with sister agencies to deliver integrated campaigns.

One exciting recent campaign was for Levi Strauss & Co. Levi has a 20-year naming-rights agreement – Levi’s ® Stadium – with the NFL’s San Francisco 49ers. The relationship has earned the stadium the nickname, “Field of Jeans” after the classic film “Field of Dreams.”

In November 2018, the company covered the park’s playing surface with 20,000 pairs of jeans donated by the community and 49ers fans over two weeks to the nonprofit Goodwill. It blanketed almost the entire field – leaving only a swath of turf, forming the universal recycling symbol. A time-lapse video of the activation went viral and capped a campaign that kept 12-plus tons of clothing out of landfills and funded Goodwill’s job-training programs.

Notable Clients: FleishmanHillard has a healthy list of clients, including AARP, AT&T, Bayer, Emerson, Fitbit, GM, Pepsico, SAP, and Samsung.

H+K Strategies

Location(s): H+K Strategies is headquartered in New York City and has 70+ offices in 30+ markets including Abu Dhabi, Amsterdam, Bangkok, Berlin, Chicago, Detroit, Dubai, Frankfurt, Helsinki, Istanbul, Kampala, Kyiv, London, Los Angeles, Melbourne, and Warsaw.

Number of Employees: 1,000 – 5,000

Year Founded: 1927

H+K Strategies is short for Hill+Knowlton Strategies. They offer senior counsel, insightful research, and strategic communications planning throughout the world. As a leading international public relations agency, their clients represent 59 of Interbrand’s 2013 Top 100 Global Brands and 50 percent of global Fortune 500 companies.

The Holmes Report ranks them as the seventh-largest PR agency in the world, with an estimated 2018 fee income of $400M. They are part of WPP.

H+K increased its income in 25 out of 30 markets in EMEA, with well above average performance in the UK, the Middle East, and Russia/Ukraine. Additionally, Synergy H+K Strategies was named North Asia Agency of the Year, with particular success in Korea.

Notable Clients: Some of the agency’s top clients include Activision, ADNOC, the Azerbaijan Tourist Board, Barilla, British Airways, Cisco, Colgate, IKEA, Johnson & Johnson, La Liga, Norad, Oculus, and Smart Energy.

Weber Shandwick

Location(s): Weber Shandwick is headquartered in New York City and has offices in 60 other cities including Hong Kong, London, Mexico City, Chicago, Singapore, Berlin, Cologne, Geneva, Tokyo, and New Delhi.

Number of Employees: 1,000 – 5,000

Year Founded: 1974 (merged in 2001)

Weber Shandwick is a public relations agency that’s part of the Interpublic Group of Companies (IPG), an American publicly traded advertising company. It is one of the “Big Four” agency companies.

Weber Shandwick takes second place in the Holmes Report’s Global Top 250 PR Agency Ranking 2019. The agency’s estimated fee income in 2018 was $840M, a 5% increase on the previous year.

They have received accolades and recognitions as one of the best public relations agencies globally. They were a finalist in the 2019 Global PR Agencies of the Year awards. The firm picked up Large Agency of the Year honors in Asia. The firm also established itself as a regional leader in Latin America, where it earned the award for the Mexican Agency of the Year.

Weber Shandwick retained 49 of its top 50 clients in 2018. It recorded its strongest new business year in a decade.

One of their more exciting campaigns was for HSBC UK, in an attempt to build awareness of the effects of online fraud. They used ‘deep fake’ style technology on Rachel Riley, a much loved UK television celebrity known for her talent in math. A shocking video appeared on Rachel’s social channels where Rachel confessed to being “bad at maths” and having answers fed to her via an earpiece.

A day later, after national outrage, HSBC UK reassured the public that this had been a ‘deep fake’ style video, with Rachel’s mouth movements adapted and her voice dubbed over by an impersonator. Rachel was in on the stunt. Viewers received follow-up educational videos from Rachel to help them stay safe the next time they went online.

Notable Clients: Weber Shandwick has contributed to the success of leading companies such as Ancestry, eBay, Visit Sweden, Novartis, UNESCO, and Pure Michigan.

Marina Maher Communications

Location(s): Marina Maher Communications is based in New York City.

Number of Employees: 50 – 200

Year Founded: 1983

Marina Maher Communications (MMC) is a creative agency with over 30 years of experience in PR, earned media, and communications. They have received multiple recognitions as one of the top PR agencies in the U.S. They ranked 30th in the Holmes Report’s Global Top 250 PR Agency Ranking 2019, with estimated fees income of $70M.

The agency was named the 2018 North America Midsize PR Agency Of The Year and was a finalist in the 2019 awards. This resulted in the female-led agency earning more business from several name clients.

For some years now, MMC has helped Merck advance the conversation about maternal mortality, with an initiative called Merck for Mothers. MMC has helped Merck for Mothers amass nearly 200,000 Facebook fans through a mixture of positive and inspirational personal stories about birth and motherhood. In 2014 they expanded the audience to Twitter. They have established the custom hashtag #EndMaternalMortality.

In 2016, the campaign added Instagram to the mix. Merck for Mothers’ average monthly potential reach exceeds 225,000. They have found their engagement rates to be an astounding ten times higher than the norm.

Notable Clients: MMC has partnered with a number of notable brands including P&G’s Pantene, Rodan & Fields, Natural Cycles, United Therapeutics, Bluebird Bio, Akili Therapeutic, Hydrafacial, Covergirl, Pfizer, Tide, and Sally Hansen.

FGS Global (Previously Sard Verbinnen & Co)

Location(s): FGS Global has 27 offices around the world including cities such as Abu Dhabi, Amsterdam, Boston, Brussels, Paris, Beijing, Riyadh, Houston, Kingston, Tokyo, Dubai, Dublin, New York City, Washington, and Zurich.

Number of Employees: 1,000 – 5,000

Year Founded: 1994 (merged in 2021)

Sard Verbinnen & Co or SVC, the agency that once won the 2018 Global Corporate/Financial Agencies of the Year award by The Holmes Report, merged with other leading names in strategic communications to become FGS Global. This includes top PR agencies in the U.S like Finsbury, Hering Schuppener, and The Glover Park Group.

They have over 25 years of experience supporting clients in long-term positioning and high-stakes situations. They are experienced in communicating with all key stakeholders, including journalists, investors, analysts, employees, lawmakers, and regulators. FGS Global provides strategic communications advice and services to help clients manage overall positioning and transformative events affecting their reputation, business, and market value.

With a global team of local experts, the agency has the ability to help with strategic communications in 27 languages.

The company lists its areas of practice as including:

  • Corporate Positioning
  • IPOs and Listings
  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Restructurings and Bankruptcies
  • Crisis and Special Situations
  • Cybersecurity and Privacy Issues
  • Litigation Support
  • Public Affairs
  • Activism, Corporate Governance, and Shareholder Engagement
  • Environmental, Social and Governance

During their time as Sard Verbinnen, the agency worked with Bayer on its acquisition of Monsanto, with Qualcomm on its defense against Broadcom, with Samsung on its acquisition of Harman, and with ADP in its defense against activist Pershing Square Capital. It handled the initial offering of Best, Inc., the largest IPO by a Chinese company in 2017. The firm provided crisis communications support for the board of directors at Wells Fargo.

Notable Clients: FGS Global has provided services to leading private and government organizations ranging from the U.S. Treasury Department to the World Economic Forum.


Location(s): Narva has offices in Stockholm and Gothenburg.

Number of Employees: 50 – 200

Year Founded: 2000

Narva is named after the Swedish army victory over a Russian force three times its size. It is one of the leading communication agencies in the Nordics.

The agency is part of the Ahead Group, the largest agency alliance in the Nordic region. In 2017, Narva booked sales of SEK 90 million.

They won the Award for Nordic Agency of the year at the 2018 SABRE Awards. They won double gold for “If I was Minister of Health and Social Affairs”, with the Swedish Childhood Cancer Foundation at the Polaris Awards 2018. They have also won an award for Best Annual Report 2017 (Boliden in the category for the largest company), and The Publishing Prize 2017 (Elanders –  best annual report listed company).

Notable Clients: Narva boasts a clientele of leading brands and organizations including Novartis, Bayer, Dove, Embracer Group, BLING, Vinci Energies, and Volvo Environment Prize.

APCO Worldwide

Location(s): APCO Worldwide is a global firm with headquarters in Washington and additional offices in Abu Dhabi, Amman, Bangkok, Bangalore, Beijing, Berlin, Brussels, Chicago, Dubai, Frankfurt, Hanoi, Hong Kong, Istanbul, Jakarta, London, Los Angeles, Manama, Milan, Mumbai, Munich, New Delhi, New York, Paris, Raleigh, Riyadh, Rome, San Francisco, Seattle, Shanghai, Singapore, Tel Aviv, and Tokyo.

Number of Employees: 500 – 1,000

Year Founded: 1984

APCO Worldwide is an advisory and advocacy communications consultancy. They help leading public and private sector organizations act with agility and build organizational reputations, brands, relationships, and solutions to succeed. They are a majority women-owned business.

The agency won The Holmes Report 2018 EMEA Public Affairs Consultancies of the Year award and was a finalist in the 2019 Global Public Affairs Agencies of the Year award.

APCO redefined and expanded the definition of public affairs, both in its early embrace of research and analytics and in its investment in digital and social capabilities.

Notable Clients: APCO Worldwide has worked with a host of notable brands including MARS, GAP, Danfoss, eBay, Masdar, IKEA, Bayer, GE, Dell, Masdar, Walmart, UPS Foundation, and SONY.


Location(s): IN.FOM is a Singapore-based public relations and communications agency. 

Number of Employees: 10 – 50

Year Founded: 2011

IN.FOM continuously aspires to be at the forefront of reinventing communications. Their approach prizes sustainable employee and client relationships.

The agency helps clients to tell meaningful stories that leave lasting impressions on the audience. IN.FOM’s service offerings include strategic communications, marketing and communications, media publicity and advocacy, digital and social media marketing, and visual communications.

Their work gained recognition almost from the company’s inception, culminating in them winning The Holmes Report’s 2018 Global Technology Agencies of the Year award.

Notable Clients: Some of IN.FOM’s important clients include Ruckus Networks, Expedia, SGInnovate, UnionPay, Engie, CA Technologies, Herbalife, Intralinks, Intel, and Nokia.


Location(s): Ketchum is a global agency with operations spanning 70 countries including offices in Beijing, Bangkok, Chennai, Manila, Kolkata, Seoul, Shanghai, Taipei, Sydney, Prague, Paris, Kyiv, Lisbon, Vienna, Caracas, Santiago, Dubai, Chicago, Atlanta, Los Angeles, Raleigh, New York City, and Toronto among many others.

Number of Employees: 1,000 – 5,000

Year Founded: 1923

Ketchum has been able to plant themselves pretty well in various industries. These include food, financial and professional services, health and wellness, energy, technology, transportation, travel and retail. They also work with government organisations and their work is powerful. In a bid to empower a movement against the opioid epidemic in the US, Ketchum helped the National Safety Council (NSC) by launching a campaign called “Prescribed Death”. 

The campaign featured a traveling memorial of 22,000 pills carved with faces of overdose victims, along with a CNC machine dedicated to creating new carving every 24 minutes (the rate of fatal opioid overdose). This campaign helped the NSC generate over 11 million video views, over 1 billion earned impressions, and a 2,017% increase in shared Facebook impressions.

Ketchum also leans into many areas you’d expect a large PR agency to take part in. These include influencer marketing, change consulting, analysis, content creation, audience segmentation, paid media, and more. Ketchum has won Grand Prix: Glass Lion for Change and Titanium Lion awards.

Notable Clients: Ketchum boasts an impressive clientele including names like Frito-Lay, The LEGO Foundation, Adobe, Whirlpool, Gillette, Wendy’s, Grand Seiko, Nespresso, UNESCO, Philips, Pfizer, and Jameson.

MSL Group

Location(s): MSL Group has 100 offices in 40 countries including cities like Sydney, Bangkok, Beijing, Guangzhou, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Taipei, Bangalore, Jakarta, Tokyo, Toronto, Montreal, Berlin, Hamburg, London, Dubai, Cape Town, Los Angeles, Chicago, and more.

Number of Employees: 1,000 – 5,000

Year Founded: 2009

MSL’s approach to PR and communications is based on a tried and tested principle they call the ‘Power of One’. It’s their method of establishing strong and effective collaborative efforts to help their clients communicate powerful messaging. Their areas of expertise include digital and social media, content creation, media relations, platforms and tools that enable brand and commerce uplift, and insights and planning (including analytics).

MSL caters to the automotive, energy, health, technology, financial and professional services, food, beverage, agriculture, manufacturing, industrial and defence sectors. As you can tell, they’ve positioned themselves to service all kinds of brands. But what makes MSL a force to be reckoned with is its core set of practices. 

They offer consumer marketing, crisis and issue management, employee engagement/communications, social purpose and sustainability, financial communications, public affairs, and reputation management and corporate communication. One of MSL’s most notable campaigns was created for Vicks. It was developed to highlight the plight of 29 million orphans in India. 

The ad shares the true story of a girl born with a rare and incurable skin disease called Ichthyosis. The girl narrates her perspective on life and shares that if it wasn’t for the love of her parents who adopted her as an infant, she might never have had the chance to feel loved or live a life filled with hope and dreams. The video ad went viral in 24 hours, generating a total of 323+ media exposures and $700,000 in earned PR. It also pulled 749 million impressions and over 19 million engagements. MSL has 100 offices in 40 countries and employs over 2,300 staff. 

Notable Clients: Some of the agency’s top clients include Coca-Cola, Facebook, Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Limited, Singapore Changi Airport, Disney+, Subway, Puma, and Technics.


Location(s): Ogilvy has a headquarter in New York City and additional offices in more than 50 cities including Sacramento, Denver, Bend, Chicago, Guatemala City, Mexico City, Santiago, Buenos Aires, Zurich, Madrid, Dublin, London, Brussels, Belgrade, Copenhagen, Singapore, and more.

Number of Employees: 10,000+

Year Founded: 1948

There’s no creating a list of the top PR agencies in the world without featuring Ogilvy. Their influence on the world of marketing and advertising is unprecedented. And while Ogilvy has been around since 1948, they are still as relevant as ever.

Take the IKEA “Müpolash” ad. It’s a play on how popular IKEA products are and how much people love sharing their IKEA goods on Instagram. The “Müpolash” is a combination of the four most Instagrammed products from their range; mugs, pots, lamps and shelves. Ogilvy created an ad to poke fun at the nature of social media but also leveraged it. To stand a chance to win one of five limited edition Müpolash units, IKEA Instagram followers had to use the Müpolash AR filter and place their home.

And that’s just one example, they also took over media with their “The Restaurant With No Food” campaign for Hellman’s. Food waste is a serious problem, one driven by a lack of inspiration to use ingredients. Ogilvy invited people to bring their unused ingredients to a local restaurant for chefs to transform into 5-star meals. The result? A complete takeover of social media, an endorsement from the UN and even educational talks on food waste held in restaurants.

Notable Clients: Ogilvy has worked with top clients including Coca-Cola, Samsung, Pizza Hut, IKEA, Turkish Airlines, Rolls Royse, Jameson, Milka, Dove, IBM, Milo, Verizon, Hellman’s, Burger King, Corona, Volkswagen, and Zippo.

Porter Novelli

Location(s): PorterNovelli has their operations across the world including offices in cities like Montreal, Seattle, Los Angeles, Washington, Mexico City, San Salvador, Bogota, Panama City, Lima, Santiago, Rio de Janeiro, Lagos, Madrid, London, Paris, Gothenburg, Nairobi, Ho Chi Minh City, and many more.

Number of Employees: 500 – 1,000

Year Founded: 1972

Founded more than five decades ago, PorterNovelli set out with the ambitious goal of using the art of communication to advance society. And in that time, they’ve helped countless brands communicate their very best messages.

PorterNovelli has also produced striking work. To draw attention to the growing threat of child sex trafficking in Atlanta, Georgia, a city the FBI ranks as one of the top cities for child sex trafficking, the firm commissioned 72 school buses with branding to drive through Georgia. Statistics show that as many as 3,600 children are trafficked from Georgia. The campaign was perfectly timed to drive awareness before the Superbowl, a period officials believe increases the probability of children being trafficked.

The campaign lasted a month and drew attention from major outlets such as Fox, The New York Times, Adweek, USA Today, and over 500 more. It also generated 43 million social media impressions in 48 hours.

PorterNovelli practices in five areas. These are purpose, reputation, health, food and innovation.

Notable Clients: The agency’s top clients include the National Honey Board, ALS Association, Timberland, California Almonds, MacDonald’s, Sony, Roche, Novartis, and more. They have offices in North America, Latin America, Asia and EMEA.

National Public Relations

Location(s): National Public Relations has offices in nine major Canadian cities including Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal, Quebec, Saint John, Halifax, and St. John’s.

Number of Employees: 200 – 500

Year Founded: 1976

Unlike most of the top PR agencies on our list, National Public Relations isn’t a global brand.

This top PR agency serves 12 sectors. These include cannabis, consumer goods & services, energy, financial services, healthcare, manufacturing, mining, professional services, public sector, retail and eCommerce, technology and transportation. As one of Canada’s largest PR firms, they have a broad range of expertise. They provide everything from advocacy and influencer marketing to social acceptability and community relations, sponsorship and sports marketing.

When it comes to their work, National has a knack for tackling tough PR challenges. Take vaccine hesitancy. It’s a contentious subject. When Pfizer wanted to remind Canadian parents about the importance of completing a full schedule of recommended infant vaccinations, they turned to National for help. The result was a well-thought-out campaign that lasted over a year.

It centred around the popular children stories that emphasized the number three (The Three Bears, Three Blind Mice, and The Three Little Pigs) and an important call to action for parents to “Don’t Overlook What’s Missing” as a reminder to complete the vaccination schedules. National helped Pfizer triple app page visits in the first year of the campaign and boost app downloads by 55%.

Notable Clients: The agency’s portfolio consists of leading Canadian brands and organizations including Breakfast Club of Canada, Benny&Co., Scale AI, Les Petits Frères, Cook it, Montreal Holocaust Museum, La Maison Simons, Roche Canada, Pfizer Canada, Halifax Partnership, and CARE Canada.

Milk & Honey PR

Location(s): Milk & Honey PR has offices in London, New York City, and Sydney.

Number of Employees: 1 – 10

Year Founded: 2017

Milk & Honey PR is a comparatively small PR agency that manages and nurtures reputations for passionate and ambitious growth companies.  

They believe values are the core of their business. They work hard to make sure that all they do is right, not just for them, but the people for whom they work and the communities around them. They are proud to be B Corp certified, setting the new corporate standard for ethical, social, and environmental performance.

They try to think as part of their clients’ teams, providing the right advice – professional, thought-provoking, and intelligent suggestions. They aim to ensure a quick turnaround of information, best practices, and timely delivery. They focus on attracting and engaging the right people to individual clients, using their relationships with a broad circle of media, influencers, bloggers, and opinion formers.

Milk and Honey PR groups its services into:

  • Corporate reputation and brand management
  • International orchestra model, currently across EMEA, APAC, and North America
  • Human relations
  • Digital design
  • Video production, in partnership with Leap Films, a London-based film production agency
  • Bee-spoke packages, e.g., creative buzz, idea generation sessions, workshops, media masterclasses, and more

Notable Clients: Milk and Honey PR has worked with brands such as PriceSpy, Inner Circle, Epson, Make a Wish Foundation, BigCommerce, LeapFrog, KPMG, Techfugees, and WorldRemit.

MC Group

Location(s): MC Group has offices in 83 locations including its Berlin headquarters and additional offices in Cologne, Moscow, Brussels, New York City, Dubai, Singapore, Beijing, Sao Paulo, Johannesburg, 

Number of Employees: 200 – 500

Year Founded: 1993

MC Group is a full-service agency. It’s the only German-based firm with 28 offices in all EU member states. And it’s this footprint that makes MC Group a drawcard for clients that must reach international audiences. While MC Group’s presence spans 83 countries, they’re one of the younger firms on our list of top PR agencies globally. They have, however, managed to attract powerful brands. These include serving as the press and information office for the German Federal Government to working with Audi and other leading organizations around the world.

As an integrated agency, they offer services in various sectors. These include corporate publishing, TV and film production, sports and entertainment and travel. Their ability to blend various marketing principle and mediums allows them to offer advertising, digital and event marketing service as well.

Notable Clients: MC Group’s clientele includes names such as Bausch & Lomb, VISA, Turkish Airlines, Vodafone, LC Waikiki, Good Year, United Nations, Ferrari, Braun, and the Olympics.

FTI Consulting

Location(s): FTI Consulting has offices in 72 locations including cities like San Francisco, Denver, Chicago, Boston, Grand Cayman, Mexico City, Bogota, Sao Paulo, Madrid, Barcelona, Paris, Zurich, Stirling, Doha, Johannesburg, Mumbai, New Delhi, Hong Kong, Seoul, Jakarta, and Perth. 

Number of Employees: 5,000 – 10,000

Year Founded: 1982

FTI Consulting is an advisory firm to the construction, energy & utilities, financial, healthcare, real estate and telecommunications, and media industries. They’ve been around for over three decades and have grown to 27 countries on six continents. Their strategic communications services include M&A, crisis communications & special situations, capital markets communications, corporate reputation management, public affairs and government relations, people and change management, and strategy consulting and research.

As a consulting firm, they have a strong research arm and publish papers regularly. Some of their most notable research projects include work around dark data, how competition is damaging the aviation industry, and market entry due diligence.

Notable Clients: FTI Consulting has worked with several notable clients including Queensland Nickel, Steinhoff Creditors, Sally Beauty, Wells Fargo, and AT&T.

Havas PR

Location(s): Havas is a collection of 30 agencies present in 37 countries with offices in New York City, Pittsburgh, Phoenix, New England, Philadelphia, Chicago, San Diego, Toronto, Dubai, Johannesburg, London, Budapest, Denmark, Istanbul, Spain, Germany, Kiev, Italy, Prague, Vienna, Warsaw, Helsinki, and many more.  

Number of Employees: 10,000+

Year Founded: 1835

Havas is a network of PR agencies that offers consumer and lifestyle, corporate and reputation management, technology and eCommerce, government and causes, travel and tourism, automotive and mobility, and issues and crisis management services. Like other younger agencies on our list, Havas PR has also made a splash in the world.

Havas PR has produced impressive results for their clients. When East Coast Rail Service started to feel the pinch of low-cost domestic flights between Scotland and London, they turned to Havas PR UK to find a way to stay relevant. 

Havas PR created a campaign called “I Love Trains Week”. The campaign received coverage on social media and helped East Coast Rail Service generate £695,000 (2x their revenue target), with 13% of all revenue coming from new passengers.

Notable Clients: Havas clients include the likes of Kelloggs, Toyota, Aspen, Japan Airlines, Virgin Mobile, PWC, Costa Coffee, Volvo, Novartis, Coca-Cola, Michael Kors, and Heineken.

Finn Partners

Location(s): Finn Partners is headquartered in New York City with additional offices in Portland, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Chicago, Nashville, Fort Lauderdale, Detroit, Washington, Boston, London, Paris, Frankfurt, Munich, Jerusalem, Singapore, Shanghai, and Hong Kong.  

Number of Employees: 1,000 – 5,000

Year Founded: 2011

Finn Partners was founded in 2011. As the brainchild of Peter Finn, the idea was to build something different. Over the last nine years, Finn Partners has succeeded in attracting all the right attention, including numerous awards. And since their inception, they’ve boomed. They operate on three continents and have over 80 staff.

This top PR agency offers clients an integrated approach to positioning their brands, one that’s driven by the need to stay relevant and generate leads and business. Sectors they serve include the arts, associations, consumer, education, entertainment, fashion, beauty, luxury, financial services, government, manufacturing, health professional services, publishing and authors, social good, technology, and travel and lifestyle.

Notable Clients: Finn Partners clients include international brands like Jack Daniel’s, The Parfume Shop, KLM Airlines, Operation Smile, and more.

Real Chemistry (Previously W2O Group)

Location(s): Real Chemistry has offices in Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco, Washington, London, Zurich, and Toronto.

Number of Employees: 1,000 – 5,000

Year Founded: 2001

Real Chemistry (formerly known as W2O) is a healthcare marketing and communication agency. They take an analytics-driven and digital-first approach to helping clients produce creative and effective marketing campaigns. To date, they’ve worked with 24 of the 25 biggest pharmaceutical companies in the world.

Real Chemistry is also highly effective at generating results. Tasked with the challenge of helping Cardinal Health drive adoption for their new inventory management system, they were able to create a campaign based on strong persona-backed research, leading to wide adoption and 97% retention of Cardinal Health’s Inventory Management software.

Notable Clients: Real Chemistry works with the top 30 pharma and biotech companies including Radius, Valeant, Tudorza, Cedar, Lupin Pharmaceutical, Genomic, and Horizon.


Location(s): ICF has offices in Ottawa, Toronto, Regina, Brussels, Birmingham, Leeds, London, Plymouth, Beijing, New Delhi, Bangalore, Lalitpur, Yaounde, Nairobi, and Bamako as well as 40+ offices in the United States and its territories including Tempe, Little Rock, Irvine, Los Angeles, Redding, Sacramento, San Diego, San Francisco, Fort Collins, Golden, Washington, Tallahassee, Atlanta, Chicago, Louisville, Columbia, Owings Mill, Rockville, Cambridge, Jackson, Minneapolis, Ridgeland, San Juan, and Guaynabo.

Number of Employees: 5,000 – 10,000

Year Founded: 1969

ICF has dubbed themselves a hybrid. They are what they call a “combination of a traditional consulting agency with cutting-edge digital agency services”. They cater to disaster management, education, energy, environment, financial and consumer, health, hospitality, social programs and transportation industries.

The agency helps brands in these areas with advisory services, analytics, cybersecurity, digital enablement (think technology, design, and development), marketing and engagement, policy and regulatory analysis, research and evaluation and managing workforce and human capital.

Notable Clients: ICF has enabled the success of organizations such as Alliance Water, PSE&G, CEMEX Citizen, Virgin Atlantic, SAP, National Cancer Institute, and the CDC.

Teneo Holdings

Location(s): Teneo Holdings has offices in Atlanta, Boston, Calgary, Los Angeles, Montreal, San Francisco, Sao Paulo, Toronto, Washington, New York City, Beijing, Hong Kong, Melbourne, Shanghai, Singapore, Sydney, Tokyo, London, Amsterdam, Berlin, Birmingham, Bristol, Brussels, Cardiff, Dublin, Edinburgh, Frankfurt, Glasgow, Guernsey, Jersey, Leeds, Manchester, Newcastle, Paris, Abu Dhabi, Doha, Dubai, Riyadh, Bermuda, British Virgin Islands, and Cayman Islands.

Number of Employees: 5,000 – 10,000

Year Founded: 2011

Teneo Holdings is a global advisory firm. They focus on four business segments that include strategy and communications advisory, management consulting, capital advisory and risk advisory. Within those four segments, Teneo Holdings offers over 30 solutions.

Like other global advisory firms, Teneo Holdings publishes a considerable number of research reports. Most notable among their work is an eBook called “Vision 2020”. It offers a global outlook along with insights on markets and politics.

Notable Clients: Some of Teneo’s key clients include names like Robin Hood Energy and Project March.

Sunny Side Up Inc

Location(s): Sunny Side Up Inc. is located in Tokyo and has a global network of partners. 

Number of Employees: 200 – 500

Year Founded: 1985

Sunny Side Up entered the market as a specialist athlete PR agency. They have since broadened their scope to service large international and domestic companies.

Sunny Side Up has been behind some of the most exciting brand activations. One example is the launch of US favorite Shake Shack in Japan. The agency ran a PR campaign that helped promote the brand successfully, driving more recognition of Shake Shack and its products.

Notable Clients: Sunny Side Up has partnered with notable brands like Mont Blanc, Lux, Airbnb, Indeed, Lego, and Getty Images.

WE Communications

Location(s): WE Communications has offices in Austin, Bangalore, Beijing, Boston, Chennai, Delhi, Frankfurt, Johannesburg, London, Melbourne, Mumbai, Munich, New York City, Portland, Pune, Salt Lake City, San Francisco, Seattle, Shanghai, Singapore, and Sydney.

Number of Employees: 1,000 – 5,000

Year Founded: 1983

WE Communications’ expertise and capabilities span PR, brand purpose and integrated communications. Like many data-driven agencies, they have strong insights and analytics arm, one that’s used to inform all campaign messaging and positioning. They cater to technology, health and consumer industries, and have worked with titans in each.

WE Communications also has what it takes to make an impact in the industries it services. VSP Global research showed that children comprehensive eye exams did not take place as often as they should. And with vision making for as much as 80% of academic learning, VSP Global had to take steps to ensure that child education didn’t suffer, and that children had the opportunity at better visions.

WE Communications developed a PR campaign that leveraged trusted sources parents look to. The result was an integrated approach that drove an authentic and meaningful message to parents to have their children’s eyes tested. The campaign generated over 3,700 clicks to the VSP Global Find An Eye Doctor webpage along with earned media in 18 publications.

Notable Clients: WE Communications has a client list that includes names like Adobe, Bloomberg, Tencent, RSA, Discord, Dyson, Fenty Beauty, Lenovo, Cisco, MacDonald’s, Brother, Capital One, GlaxoSmithKline, and more.

Rasky Partners

Location(s): Rasky Partners has offices in Boston and Washington.

Number of Employees: 50 – 200

Year Founded: 1989

Founded more than three decades ago, Rasky Partners is one of the top independent PR and public affairs firms in the US. Their work has received recognition from PR Week consistently, while Forbes also named them as one of the top PR agencies in 2021.

They help businesses to communicate in the most effective possible way so that they can reach their goals. Whether you need help with media relations, corporate communications, or simply marketing communications, they can help. 

Though, if you find yourself in more of a pickle, they’re skilled at crisis communication and have helped clients with cyber-attacks, data breaches, legal matters, product recalls, and high-profile investigations to mention only a few. For example, when one of the biggest commercial cannabis producers and distributors in the US found themselves embroiled in a scandal over a sudden change of company ownership, Rasky Partners managed to turn it into mostly positive coverage instead.

Notable Clients: Rasky Partners’ client list includes FEMA, MasterCard, The Whitehead Institute, BJ’s Wholesale Club, Stop & Shop, and Erickson Retirement Communities.

Listen Up

Location(s): Listen Up has offices in London and Los Angeles.

Number of Employees: 10 – 50

Year Founded: 2010

If you’re in the music industry and specifically need help to get audiences to take notice and listen to your content, be sure to check out Listen Up. This music promotions agency offers a bespoke 360 promotional service to your press requirements.

Their passion is the careers of promising artists. They build relationships with independent playlist curators, but can also create campaigns and flagship events for daytime radio.

Notable Clients: Listen Up has played a key role in the success of artists like Doja Cat, Becky Hill, Black Coffee, ArrDee, David Guetta, and Aluna.

Recent Case Studies: The Tangible Benefits of Partnering with Top PR Agencies

If you’re still wondering what value these top public relations agencies can bring to your business, it’s time to delve into real-life examples. Let’s check out some case studies of businesses that saw impressive results after partnering with the best public relations agencies.

Channel V Media for Bluecore

Bluecore wanted to change media perception of their technology as it began to evolve from an email solution to a holistic marketing platform. Channel V Media helped them accomplish this goal by positioning it in the larger business community as a “company to watch.” They ensured that Bluecore was everywhere with the intention of eventually driving demand. 

Channel V Media helped Bluecore get featured in 600+ pieces of national and trade news. Plus, there were more than 150 original data stories placed in the media. As a result of their PR partnership, the company was able to achieve the following results:

  • 300+ leads attributed to PR in just one year
  • 376% growth within the first 3 years of partnership
  • $8 million in opportunities influenced within just one year

Golin for Garmin

Garmin wanted to position their dashcams as preventative tools for motor vehicle crashes instead of passive recording devices. They decided to work with Golin, one of the top PR agencies in the U.S. to achieve this goal. Golin targeted Road Safety Week 2019 to launch a strategic campaign called “Eyes on the Road,” which featured a short film that effectively showcased the emotions involved in a first solo ride. The film also presented research on the “safety gap” involved with young drivers.

The campaign had an accompanying educational program through which parents could learn to identify and address dangerous driving habits with the help of dashcam footage. Through this campaign, Garmin was able to see the following results:

  • Increased brand mentions during Road Safety Week by 77%
  • Total reach of 42.5 million

Ketchum for The LEGO Foundation

In an attempt to encourage more parents to take the #PlayPledge challenge, The LEGO Foundation worked with Ketchum to create “The Most Boring Room Ever” campaign. It involved a social experiment captured on video to show how simple free play really is, which encouraged families worldwide to turn everyday moments into something playful.

The campaign got validation from pediatricians, play therapists, teachers, and child mental health specialists alike. Overall, the campaign generated the following results:

  • 18.6 million reach
  • 11.5 million impressions
  • 286k+ organic video views
Ketchum campaign LEGO Foundation


Milk and Honey PR for Inner Circle

Inner Circle wanted to raise brand awareness and establish the site as a place that makes dating better. They worked with Milk and Honey PR to get people to “Dare to Date Better.” The public relations agency came up with the term “Groundhogging” and created a video that prompted singles to rethink how they view dating their “type.”

With the help of this campaign, Inner Circle was able to achieve the following results:

  • Establish presence in 10 countries
  • 708 million people reached

5W PR for SmartThings

When SmartThings needed to transition from a hardware offering to a pure app platform, which was a challenging journey especially due to technical complications. Upon working with 5W PR, it was discovered that the company lacked a unified content and messaging strategy across different channels. The public relation agency worked with them to create a social media playbook and make a complete digital brand creative overhaul.

As a result of this two-phase campaign, 5W PR helped SmartThings to transition from a “corporate feel” to showcase a fun and entertaining aspect to the app usage experience. The company witnessed the following results:

  • 68% increase in positive sentiment
  • 100% digital brand creative overhaul

Narrowing Down the Best Public Relations Agencies

With so many great options in the market, you may be struggling to choose the best public relations agency for your brand. Take a closer look at these options to see which agencies specialize in your niche and market, and you’ll have your answer.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the top PR agencies?

We have looked at the top 33 PR agencies in this article. The best one for you will depend on your size (and therefore budget) and location. Many of the PR agencies listed here have won awards for the quality of their work, although they tend to focus on large clients, for example, Fortune 500 companies. PRovoke (formerly The Holmes Report) has ranked Edelman as the top PR agency in both 2020 and 2019, followed by Weber Shandwick, BCW, FleishmanHillard, and Ketchum.

What are public relations agencies?

The Public Relations Society of America (PRSA) describes public relations as being “a strategic communication process that builds mutually beneficial relationships between organizations and their publics.” It is about influencing, engaging, and building relationships with key stakeholders to shape and frame the public perception of an organization. Public relations agencies are companies that specialize in providing services to clients to shape the public opinion of those organizations.

Is hiring a PR firm worth it?

Whether hiring a PR firm is worth it is, of course, a matter of opinion. It very much relates to your expectations. What level of publicity do you consider a good return on your investment when you engage a PR agency? Media relations can drive vast numbers of website traffic, build incredible awareness, provide credibility, and allow for thought leadership. But it doesn’t necessarily create the sale. Therefore, you need to consider carefully the reasons why you would want to hire a PR agency.

Does PR make a lot of money?

If you look closely at the PR agencies we have covered in this article, you will notice that many are large organizations. They clearly make sufficient money to succeed at the level they do. According to, the average salary range for jobs in public relations is $54,342 to $225,569. This suggests that PR is a well-paid career and that there are clear paths to earning high-level incomes. Of course, these numbers can rise substantially for those who become partners in large PR agencies.

What should a PR firm do for you?

Most firms that hire a PR agency do so to protect or enhance their reputation through the media. A good PR agency can publicize the best features and activities of an organization while mitigating any damage caused by bad news relating to the organization. A good PR agency can help their clients project a positive message to the people that interest them. PR agencies listen to the marketplace and know the conversations that matter. They can project you positively into these conversations.

What should I look for in a PR agency?

When considering working with a PR agency, there are several things you should look for. Firstly, you will want to see whether they have a good track record. Do they have a reputation for successfully working with their existing clients? You will want to see evidence that they are transparent – you want to know what you will receive for your money. Ideally, you should also find an agency that specializes in your industry. Success in one sector does not necessarily cross to others.

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