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Cat and mouse games

I hope most of us can agree that driving 50 mph in a school zone where small children are crossing the street is a significant safety issue. The speed limit is there for a reason, and if you selfishly and recklessly cross the crosswalk, you should be ticketed.

Municipalities can now call on a service that uses automated radar to find offenders and issue tickets directly, without chance playing a role.

But of course, cars now have computers, as well as GPS, so a car could easily be built to cut out the middleman and simply warn the driver and then issue a summons itself.

We are inconsistent in our interpretation of freedom and responsibility. The status quo gets the benefit of the doubt, simply because that is what we are used to.

Freedom is wonderful, but as soon as we interact with others, it comes with responsibilities.

As our communities become more intertwined and surveillance of our actions becomes more comprehensive, cats and mice will no longer be as relevant to the kind of balance we all seek to find between freedom and responsibility.

It should not be controversial to feel responsible for the impact of our words and actions. Cats and mice have nothing to do with it.

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