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5 Pinterest Techniques to Maximize Reach and Boost Your Pins – Plann

Every day, people come to Pinterest to find inspiration, products, recipes, outfits, and more. With over 80% of people Discovering a new brand or product on Pinterest is a seriously underrated and sometimes overlooked organic marketing platform.

The good news? You have the potential to reach a huge audience through organic marketing on Pinterest. Since Pinterest is primarily a visual search engine, it offers businesses and brands huge marketing opportunities to build brand awareness, maximize reach, and increase conversions.

But diving into the world of Pinterest can be intimidating if you’re not familiar with the platform. Luckily, we’ve got five awesome tips for you Pinterest Marketing Techniques to maximize the reach of your pins to target the right audience, get your content noticed, and ultimately drive conversions.

1. Use Pinterest consistently

Use Pinterest consistently

Like all social media platforms, the key to maximizing your reach and engagement is to use Pinterest regularly. Not only does posting regularly increase the reach of your Pins, it is also a key aspect in building an engaged community on the platform.

The more content you create, the more likely you are to be discovered on the platform. But that doesn’t mean you should just create content for the sake of posting it regularly. You should always post high-quality images that are relevant to your audience, as visuals are essential to success on Pinterest.

Luckily, you don’t have to constantly reinvent the wheel to get featured on Pinterest. Instead, you can repurpose content from other social media platforms and adapt it to the Pinterest platform with the right dimensions and formats to create eye-catching pins.

Plann Cross-Publishing Feature allows you to create and share a single post across multiple social media platforms at once so you can repurpose content from Instagram to Pinterest and vice versa. Simply adjust your captions, hashtags, and posting times for each platform to optimize your content for each specific platform.

2. Integrate trends into your pins

Let’s be realistic: trends are important in all areas. social media platformand that includes Pinterest too.

You’ll want to incorporate trends into your Pinterest content to reach a wider audience and maximize reach and engagement. Since Pinterest acts as a search engine for product discovery, trends are essential to your success on the platform.

Pinterest has done the heavy lifting for you with their trend tool which helps you find different trending topics that you can incorporate into your content. Simply type in a keyword and you can see how many people searched for it and incorporate those keywords into your Pins description to increase your content visibility.

THE Pinterest Trends The tool also lets you see detailed information about those keywords, like the demographics of those using them, to ensure that the keywords you include will target your ideal audience.

3. Use text overlays on your pins

Text overlays on your pins act like Natural reference Keywords and phrases that influence how your Pins appear in Pinterest search results. Mastering your text overlays and leveraging the right keywords can help you maximize your reach and engagement.

Pinterest themselves said that text overlays and Pins designed for clicks drive more people to take action. In fact, Pins with a text overlay containing the word “new” lead to nine times higher brand awareness.

Be sure to include information in your text overlays about your products and services that will help convert people from the consideration stage to the purchase stage of the customer journey or increase clicks to the desired action, such as your website or blog.

Pinterest recommends highlighting parts of the Pin that aren’t as obvious from the image in your text overlays, like a particular product feature. On the other hand, if you’re promoting your blog, you’ll want to include engaging and insightful text overlays as well as SEO keywords related to your blog’s topic.

Again, you can use the trending tool to find relevant keywords related to your Pins’ product, service, or niche topics to maximize visibility to a wider audience.

4. Use relevant keywords in your pin descriptions

Use Pinterest consistently

Not only is the pin itself important, but the keywords in your pin description are also important.

The text you choose to include in your Pins influences who your content is aimed at. Including relevant keywords and phrases in your description will help improve your Pins’ visibility in Pinterest’s search engine and other search engines like Google.

Pinterest recommends including written information relevant copy for your pins like ingredient lists for recipe pins. Additionally, be sure to include the most engaging and compelling parts of your pins with a Strong CTA with words like “shop,” “find,” and “buy” for generate traffic on your website or blog.

This way, your content reaches the right people who are most interested in your content and drives action towards your important resources.

5. Use topic tags in your pins

One of the most essential elements to maximizing the reach and visibility of your Pinterest content is to always think about subject label your idea and video pins. You can add up to 10 topic tags on your pins, which will help you reach people who are searching for those ideas.

It’s a good idea to tag a variety of relevant topics related to your content to increase the reach of your content. To find topics, simply search for relevant keywords and Pinterest will display the different categories of topics such as “Blogger” to “Home Decor” and “Social Media Marketing” that you can use to tag your videos and idea pins.

This will help people find exactly what they’re looking for and ensure that people searching will come across your Pins, which can direct your audience to your website or blog for more information.

Ready to boost your Pinterest success?

Looking for an all-in-one content creation suite that lets you manage your social media effortlessly? From building your strategy to designing your graphics to repurposing your content, you’ll find it all in Plann.

Keep on going, and enjoy your 7-day free trial of Plann Plus. If you don’t like it, keep using Plann for free!

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