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Are discussions dead? And what does the future hold for us?

These early warnings turned out to be the truth. The number of daily active users on Threads has fell by 82% in the months since its launch – which is considered a huge number!

However, there have been recent signs that Threads may be on the verge of a comeback. The platform announced a host of new features, including:

Web version and EU launch: The brains behind Threads recognized the importance of a desktop experience, which is why Threads introduced a web app.

Even though the desktop version of Threads looks great, it has failed to attract new users other than mobile users who also use desktop.

Additionally, Threads plans to launch in Europe as soon as possible, but regulatory hurdles have prevented this from happening quickly.

Focus on communities: Like Facebook and other social media platforms, Threads appears to focus on building communities around shared interests. The move could make Threads a different platform from X, which is more audience-focused.

Monetization options: Rumors suggest that Threads could explore revenue streams, as monetization is crucial for long-term sustainability. It is also a question of whether Threads will enter the Meta Ads platform as a new placement like Facebook and Instagram.

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