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Remote Work Is Here to Stay in Colorado: Are Offices Dead?

I’m currently writing this on my couch at home. Looks familiar? Since the pandemic, we have seen an explosion in the number of American workers working remotely, leaving offices empty.

The modern office will become a thing of the past in Colorado before anywhere else.

Colorado is the remote capital of the country

37% of Colorado workers work remotely at least one day a week, according to SelectSoftware Reviews. It means that roughly more than 2 million of us work remotely. More people work remotely in Colorado than any state in the country.

Boulder, Colorado, leads the way in working from home

Axios says that Boulder, Colorado has the most remote workers per capita. 32% of the workforce works remotely in Boulder.

This is huge because we constantly hear that Silicon Valley, California has the most remote workers due to all the huge tech companies based in the Bay Area.

Remote work is the new normal

Did you roll your eyes when you heard “new normal”? Me too. It’s a phrase we’ve heard constantly throughout the pandemic, but the new normal truly is remote work.

Many of us have set up home offices. Sophisticated webcams have been purchased with a light ring that will hide your wrinkles.

What about office space in Colorado?

The increase in remote workers means office spaces remain empty. Many of these deserted office buildings are in the process of being developed into apartments. In my opinion, this is great because better access to housing means cheaper living.

This is currently a huge trend in Denver, and we will likely see office space converted to housing in all areas of Colorado.

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